Don’t abuse yourself with “Positive Thought”

If you fancy yourself a “conscious being” this will make you cringe but….what in the actual fuck is a “good vibe?”

I’ve learned that so much more will exist on this path ahead than I was aware of before. I’ve learned life is not going to be something we just blindly mantra our way through. I had become so gifted at maintaining that everything that wasn’t invested in my positive, happy, sparkly and warm future was to be beheaded at the neck.

“It’s about feeling good, damning the down, neglecting the dark, cutting off the negative, moving up, moving on, pulling up your gaze and marching blindly through to the higher path. Good vibes only.”

This is really not much different than how we abuse ourselves with self-deprecation, shame and fear. Focusing solely on what is lacking or how we’re not enough, how we don’t know the way and everything we’re worried about is NO different than arrogantly marching forward with a positive, can-do, mantra-shouting “high” vibe. It’s still ignorantly barreling through the purpose of our experience here. The high & low vibes are also completely connected. So, seeking to pinch off one at the root, pinches off the other at the fruit. You therefore experience nothing fully, living empty, feeding off illusion.

The communion with our vibrations, both high and low, the gentle signals that come from within and those that come from without, the beauty and the sorrow, the love and the absence are all designed for our focus to dance through. We are designed to weather our human experience while yielding to our spiritual one when it calls.
You are not failing because you have lower thoughts, smaller feelings and less-than ideal inquiries about your current experience right now. In fact, they are *not* lower, smaller OR less-than-ideal. You are entitled to the full gamut of everything in your reality. If you are consumed and wish to get out, it is only the lack of balance between your inner knowing and outer questioning. You are pinching something at the source, not allowing it to be. Turning sharply, forgetting there is a center. Like riding a bike. You cannot stay up if you only steer one direction or jerk the handlebars from one side to the other.

So…when you have fear swelling up? Take a gulp of your positive practices and feel goods.Lean to your laws of how to rise up. You don’t have to figure out how to ride the surf through to shore, just maybe how to curl up on the board without face planting the wave. Feeling out of touch and detached? Take a moment to listen to your questions and needs. You boxed something up that needs your attention. When you feel good and you’re good with it, boom — balance. When you feel bad but you’re content there right now, boom — balance. You’re listening to both. There can be peace in both. The yin and yang is still complete while yielding to the piece of the opposite that lies within it. A good vibe is nothing more than anything you decide you are content with.
Simply put. Mind taking over? Sink deep into your heart. Feeling naive and unrealistic? Ground yourself with some truth. You have both because you need both. Living as a heartless logistic will make you cynical and living as an absent-minded heart will make you blind.

This is all yours, for you. Your focus creates the imbalance and the balance. The circumstance has a part to play. You catch and throw. Ebb and flow. The wave peaks and falls and is only a wave if it does both.
You are complete. You are whole. You are all of this. You are perfect.



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Kara Payton

Kara Payton


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